Draft Recap

So like I mentioned last week, the Draft was on Thursday. It was a really exciting night with a lot of surprises.The Los Angeles Lakers took guard D’Angelo Russell second overall right in front of the 76ers. Russell was looked at as a perfect fit in Philadelphia, had he fallen to them.Instead, the 76ers drafted Jahlil Okafor. He is a 6’11 center out of Duke University. This is considered an interesting pick for the Sixers, considering they already have two big men and a severe lack of guards. Okafor was considered at a point the best player in the draft. This is why General Manager Sam Hinkie drafted him. Hinkie has always had the ideal that you should draft based on best available player instead of drafting based on need. This puts Philly in an awkward situation with such a full front court.

The 76ers had 5 second round draft picks this year. They traded one of the picks to the New York Knicks for two second round picks to be named later. WIth the other four, the Sixers drafted two American and two international players. These are players that Hinkie believes could be diamonds in the rough like former second rounder and recent world champion Draymond Green . Only time will tell for these picks, however.

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